Who We Are

Alchemy Enersol International Pvt Ltd is a technology company in Waste to Energy Sector. We provide cutting edge technology solutions to convert variety of wastes (MSW, Biomass, hazardous waste from Industry, bio medical, petcoke etc) to Alcohol, Power and other value added products like hydrogen, DME, Synthetic Natural Gas etc. Our innovative solution use proven patented Plasma Enhanced Gasification System ( PEGS®) of Enersol Technologies, USA and Catalytic Alcohol Synthesis Technology of Western Research Institute and Thermosolv.

About Enersol Technologies

EnerSol Technologies, Inc, is a niche Technology company established in 2003 in Virginia , USA and is the leader in plasma-enhanced processing systems. EnerSol offers plasma-enhanced systems for the destruction of hazardous wastes, the gasification of biomass, waste, and opportunity feedstocks, and the vitrification of inorganic materials with ZERO environmental pollution and ZERO Landfill solution.

About Western Research Institute, Wyoming, USA

Western Research Institute, based in Laramie Wyoming, is a US DoE funded research organization renowned for work in several areas including advanced energy systems and environmental technologies. WRI is a technology development centre serving private clients, industry, and government with expertise in energy, environment, and highway materials. WRI has developed and patented catalyst and novel catalytic processes that convert carbonaceous materials into alcohols.

About Thermosolv LLC

Thermosolv LLC is a technology company of WRI specializing in developing and scaling up novel energy technologies. Thermosolv is actively working on design, construction, and demonstration of pilot plants for combustion test facility; low-cost oxygen production process; catalytic synthesis of fuels and chemicals; gasification; and solid fuels upgrading. Thermosolv shares facilities and equipment at Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) of Western Research Institute. The ATC comprises a secure fenced-area of 22 acres and contains 14 buildings of pilot plant facilities; well-equipped chemical laboratories; mechanical, welding, and electrical shops; fuel preparation shops; and offices.

The Advanced Plasma Enhanced
Gasification System (PEGS®)

The novel PEGS® technology is transformative, and will create a new paradigm in the renewable energy sector to provide ZERO Pollution and ZERO landfill Solutions to convert waste into energy and other energy products. The PEGS® technology, with its proven ability to process heterogeneous MSW, and can also process other biomass, including agricultural residues, forestry byproducts, sewage sludges, FOG (fats, oils, and grease) and energy crops, thus providing a transformational technology with application beyond the MSW and WTE arena.

The first generation plasma-based waste destruction units built and on U.S. Army projects has demonstrated the applicability of the technology to process a wide variety of waste including biomedical and hazardous waste. The technology was further modified to convert waste into energy efficiently to produce more NET GREEN Power from waste streams compared to other technologies like Mass burn Incineration and other Plasma based solutions.

Syngas to Alcohol through Patented Catalytic Technology of Western Research Institute, Laramie Wyoming

Syngas, primarily composed of CO and H2 (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) produced by PEGS® is converted into alcohol by the Catalytic Alcohol Synthesis System (CASS). The CASS technology and the Molybdenum Carbide catalyst is a patented Technology of Western Research Institute (WRI) and commercialized by ThermoSolv, a WRI- funded Company. WRI, based in Laramie Wyoming, is a US DoE funded research organization renowned for work in several areas including advanced energy systems and environmental technologies.

The Team Behind


Mr Radhakrishnan Srinivasan, MTech (IITM)

Chairman & MD, AEIPL
Sc H & Director DRDO (Retd.)


Mr T Muralidharan, IIM (Ahmedabad)

Director AEIPL
Chairman TMI Group