US Department of Defence (Army)

"The Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System (PEPS®) destroys hazardous and toxic wastes producing benign by products. The PEPS® unit has been thoroughly tested and (1) has clearly demonstrated its ability to destroy highly toxic waste (2) the process emissions testing by independent labs have demonstrated the superior environmental performance of the technology. The Plasma-Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS®) converts a variety of domestic feedstock into a clean gas that is suitable for the production of renewable energy: power, liquid fuels and hydrogen. PEGS® Pilot units built and tested under the DOD/DOE Clean Fuels Program have demonstrated that the process:(1) maintains steady operations under varying conditions and gasify several feedstocks: petroleum coke, biomass and MSW/RDF.(2) generates high quality syngas suitable for efficient energy recovery."

Inova Hospitals, Virginia

"After reviewing several technologies, Inova selected EnerSol’s Plasma-Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS®) due to its ability to handle a variety of waste generated by Inova : Muncipal Solid Waste, Regulated Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste. Inova selected the PEGS® solution offered by Enersol after an exhaustive study and review by a highly competent technical committee.The committee also noted that PEGS® has been demonstrated and independently validated on U.S. Army projects and selected as "Best-in-Class" by the industry leader in waste-to-energy(WTE)."

US Department of Army

"The PEPS® Program is a multi-year effort and Enersol has supported the Government in the demonstration of waste destruction and clean energy production units over the past eight years. Enersol has met all contractual obligations to date and continues to provide excellent value to the U.S. Army."

COVANTA ENERGY Corporation , New Jersey

"In 2008, Covanta established a strategic partnership with EnerSol Technologies, Inc., (EnerSol) of Springfield, Virginia. EnerSol’s Plasma-Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS®) converts a variety of waste feedstocks into a clean synthesis gas (syngas) that is suitable for the production of a variety of renewable energy products, including electricity, liquid fuels and hydrogen. Over a two-year period, Covanta reviewed over 200 advanced thermal conversion technologies around the globe before deciding to work with EnerSol based upon their novel application of commercially-proven technology platforms.
PEGS® employs a staged gasification approach. The process combines a commercially proven, proprietary vibratory hearth mechanism to process feedstock and generate syngas with plasma to enhance the gas conversion at very high temperatures and with minimal heat input. Attempts at plasma gasification around the globe have encountered a myriad of problems related to feed handling and downstream gas cleaning equipment. EnerSol’s innovative approach overcomes the technological barriers to commercial implementation of plasma-based gasification."

Greenleaf Waste Solutions LLC, Texas

"We are very excited to be working with EnerSol Technologies,Inc. to provide the PEGS® facility equipment and showcase the technology as "next generation alternative to incineration" ."